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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your own coupon store?

  • Your coupon store is like your own watch showroom. Let's say you own a watch showroom that sells watches from multiple brands. When someone walks into your store and purchases a watch, you earn your commission.

  • Similarly, when you create an account on amulyam, you get your own coupon store that aggregates coupons and offers from thousands of retailers including amazon, flipkart, tatacliq..etc. When you or anyone else purchase anything from these retailers through your coupon store, you'll earn a commission.

  • Owning a watch showroom requires a lot of monetary investment and manpower. But, owning a coupon store is a very simple few clicks process and requires zero investment. Your couponstore will help you save on your purchases from online retailers with coupons and offers. Not only just savings with coupons and offers, it can even help you earn commission on every purchase happening through your coupon store.

  • Create your own coupon store with the above 'Start Earning' button.

I just need coupons. Why do I need my own coupon store?

  • Your coupon store shows the latest coupons from 1500+ retailers without any effort from you. At amulyam, it's our responsibility to keep your couponstore up to date with the latest coupons and offers from all the retailers we are associated with. In addition to the savings you get with coupons and offers on your coupon store, when you purchase something on any of the 1500+ retailers through your coupon store, you'll earn commission on each purchase.

  • We tend to forget the options we have to save that little extra when we are about to buy something online. Having your own coupon store can help you recall to save that little extra while purchasing anything online.

Can I share my couponstore with others?

  • Your couponstore is your own unique link and never requires you to login to either use coupons or earn commission. You can share your coupon store URL with others, your friends, family or followers on your social channels.

  • You'll earn commission when someone makes a purchase on any of the retailers through your couponstore.

My couponstore doesn't require login. Why do I need to login to amulyam?

  • The first time when you login to amulyam with your Google account, amulyam creates you a couponstore. And, you can use or share your couponstore link with others without ever logging in.

  • But, when you log in on amulyam, your account shows you the commission you can earn from each retailer. To earn commission, you can either purchase from retailers through your coupon store or login to your amulyam account and purchase from there.

  • Your amulyam account shows the activity that happens on your coupon store - clicks, earnings and transferring money to your bank account. And, it can help you earn more money with free money offers, app installation offers and daily games.

How much money can I earn on amulyam?

  • Amulyam exists because of you, our users. At amulyam, our team's utmost priority is to maximise the earnings of your users. You don't have any upper limit on your earnings on amulyam. You can earn as much as you are willing to earn. The more offers you share, the more your earnings will be.

  • Make all yours and your family's online purchases through your coupon store. Share your couponstore with your friends and followers on social media. Not just the coupon store, you can share free money offers, android apps and low cost products. Login to your account to see what all you can do to increase your earnings.

How can I transfer my earnings to my bank account?

  • You can request your payments in the multiples of Rs.100. Within 72 hours of placing the request, we can transfer your earnings to your bank account through NEFT.

  • You can even get amazon and flipkart gift cards with your earnings.