About us

Your own coupon store
that helps you earn commission on day to day online purchases of you and everyone around you - friends, family, followers..etc.

Amulyam is an innovative, forever free platform to create your own online coupon store. Your coupon store aggregates coupons and offers from hundred online retailers including amazon, flipkart, ajio, tatacliq..etc. When someone purchases on retailer's websites through your coupon store, you earn commission on each purchase.

All it takes is just one click to create your own coupon store on amulyam. The moment you login with Google on amulyam, amulyam gives you your coupon store URL. When you make your next purchase from amazon, flipkart,..etc, check for coupons on your couponstore. You'll get coupons and commission, both. Coupons to get instant discount during the purchase and commission after a successful purchase.

Your coupon store shows android app recommendations too. Based on our advertiser partner requirements, with app recommendations, you can earn commission either when someone installs the app or performs an activity like registration or purchase after installing apps from your coupon store.

Why your own coupon store
and how is it different from traditional cashback sites?

When you buy something for your family, it may not be just you who is buying for your family. Your parents, your siblings or anyone in your family may buy online. Having your own coupon store helps you earn commission on all of your family's online purchases whoever may be buying online from your family. Share your coupon store URL with everyone in your family in whatsapp groups or directly with them. Before they purchase anything online, tell them to look for coupons on your coupon store, they get coupons and you get commission.

Not just with your family members, you can share your coupon store URL with your friends and followers on social channels to earn huge commissions.

Cashback sites allow you to earn only on your own purchases and usually, they offer lesser options to earn money than your own coupon store. You can easily make 10x more commission having your own coupon store than being on a traditional cashback site.

Why amulyam
to create your own coupon store?

Founded in 2009, amulyam pioneered the concept of free mobile recharges in India. Over the years, millions of users signed up for our services and were delighted with our free recharges.

At amulyam, our team has more than a decade long experience of helping our users make money from their regular online activities - shopping online, booking travel, trying new websites, apps, applying credit cards..etc.

Amulyam, in its new avatar, has been designed to help you earn 100x more money by giving you your own coupon store that can help you earn commission not just from your own online purchases but from the purchases of everyone around you.

Create your own coupon store on amulyam. Let's make it big.